Rock N Roll Bingo at the Den – One of the best nights out in Meribel

The best pub quiz in meribel at the Den rotisserie restaurant

one of the best quiz nights in the three valleys, Rock N Roll Bingo at the Den restaurant

You’ve had the best day skiing on the mountain and now you’re looking for the BEST night out in Meribel? If it’s Monday, then there’s only one place to head down to… the Den restaurant & bar!

Looking for one of the best nights out in Meribel? It’s got to be the infamous musical bingo at the  Den!

Bingo?? Best nights?? Oh yes… We promise you haven’t been to a Bingo ANYTHING like this one!!

So join the (crazy) crowd every Monday, for a pub quiz like never before exclusively at the Den rôtisserie restaurant & bar. Tibor aka the moustached man, aka the host, is gonna Rock the hell our of your Monday Night in Méribel!

You might go home with a prize, you might go home with a hangover… but you WILL go home having had a good night, scratch that…  GREAT NIGHT !


Ladies & gentleman…The ultimate pub quiz is not for the faint hearted or for your grannies. But you definitely don’t need to be a music boff or a general knowledge genie. You just need to be IN IT to WIN IT!

Every Monday night from 10pm, the not-so-traditional Méribel mountain pub aka The Den turns into an all singing, all dancing (on the tables), and all swinging (from the roof tops)  kind of bar. A mix of traditional bingo and name that tune, all you need is a bingo sheet, maybe a friend and most definitely a bit of energy 😉

With old school hits, to classic crooners, your host takes you through a musical journey and before you know it, you’ve forgotten all about winning and you’re giving it your best Kelly Clarkson impression whilst using your chicken wing as a microphone.

Serisouly though, you CAN actually win prizes. Sponspored by local shops, ski schools and a whole host of Méribel bars & restaurants: you can win anything from a pint of beer, a ski lesson and even a ski jacket!

Serious stuff aside, Monday Nights were made for fun… the vibe is good, the music is awesome and if you know how to use shazam then you’re in for a chance to win it.

If you fancy coming a little bit earlier our kitchen is open from 6pm – 11.30pm and secure that table for you and your friends. Check our menu

So get down to The Den – rôtisserie restaurant & bar

Terms and conditions

*** €3 a ticket
**** MUSIC from 10pm
You’ve got to be in it. To WIN it!

Different prizes , every week !!


Follow our event to find out more details…



live music at the Den's Blues Night in Méribel

Pull out your ray bans, tighten your tie and grab your jacket…because, once again…


live music at the Dens rôtisserie meribel

We’re putting the band back together… for some incredible live music

The iconic Den Blues live music Night is back!

Meribel’s beloved rôtisserie restaurant & bar is not only famous for it’s finger licking roasted chicken, BUT also for throwing some incredible parties!

If you’ve got the rhythm, we’ve got the blues!

We’ve rounded up, convinced, and coerced (with promises of whiskey), the finest rock stars in the Alps, to bring YOU the best night of  live music Meribel has to offer.

The taste of our ‘meat’ is sweet…
When collaborations like ours meet…
You’ll fall for us like a child,
as the bands in our bar go WILD!

So as you fall into our burning ring of fire…
And the lights go down, down, down,
And the crowds go wilder…

They’ll they sing, sing, sing,
These Blues Night legends, who are all for hire!

Ok so we might not be the greatest poets, (we can’t be good at everything), but we are the experts when it comes to chicken, beer & live music. So come down to the notorious Blues Night, grab a beer, fill your face, kick back and relax for a knock out, night out.

Open from 6pm. To guarantee a table, we recommend popping down early.

‘Yeah, we don’t care if you’re young or old
Go out and get together, and let the good times roll’

For further information, check out our event on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, call or email today.