Why the Den is one of the best bars in Meribel

Why the Den is one of the best bars in Meribel

Amongst the best bars in Meribel, The Den is an established part of its night life: look no further if you want to spend a GREAT night out in Meribel!

A must-visit on your trip to Meribel, located above the famous Sully’s night club (formerly Dick’s T-Bar) and a short walk from the city centre.

Born out of a passion for food & parties. Here at The Den bar, we love roast chicken & nights out almost as much as we love to ski. The Den the one and only rotisserie restaurant in Meribel, open from 6pm every day.  A festive ambiance, a warm welcome & great service guaranteed.

>> We’ve got style, we’ve got plates, we’ve got live music in your face. <<

The Den is not only famous for the heavenly slow roasted meats & craft beers, but also, for the unique events and live music nights, legendary with locals and tourists alike…

‘’Got a tank full of gas and a half pack of cigarettes? ‘’Get down to the notorious Blues Night, (once a month) for a knock out, night out.

Every Monday, head down for a raucous night of Rock N Roll Bingo. Yes, you heard right, BINGO. Leave your granny pants at home and get crooning with the best of them, & you just might walk away with a prize!

What makes The Den one of the most popular bars and restaurants in Meribel?

Come down, pull up a chair and find out for yourself!


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